Rugs are one of the most underrated necessities in any room. Few people know they can transform a simple room into a sleek and modern version. For an artist, the floor provides endless opportunities to play with different types of rugs. Whether you want to accentuate a dining area into an appealing sitting space or a cozy bedroom into a functional and relaxing space, options are always available in accordance with the interior. 

7 Tips for Buying Cheap Rug in Australia

  • Resources & Tips for Finding a Cheap Rug
    • Auctions and Estate Sales
    • Inexpensive Knock-Off
    • Online Shopping
    • Wait for Season End Sales
  • Hacks to Help You Get Through It!
  • Wrapping Up

So, how have you decided to move ahead with your selection? Be sure that being on a budget is not an issue as long as you know what you are looking for. Carpetrend suggests you analyze the space, and area rug requirements like shape, size, pattern, material, etc., to make sure nothing goes wrong at the time of execution. For a cheap rug that endures constant contact with pets, muddy shoes and dirty feet, it’s extremely important to make an informed decision. 

To take you through this stage, we have listed some worthwhile details for your consideration:

Resources & Tips for Finding a Cheap Rug

Finding a good quality rug, that too at a cheaper price, is not a piece of cake! It requires a lot of knowledge and effort to make a wise decision. However, we have tried to bring some ease with our experts’ suggestions and past experiences. Below are some resources that you can choose to find the perfect modern rugs for your home:

Auctions and Estate Sales

No doubt, estate sales and auctions have hidden gems that only an explorer can discover. On your way to finding a shop with cheap rugs, have a clear picture of what you will need. At Carpetrend, options are endless, i.e. from affordable knock-offs to heirloom Orientals. It’s just about finding the right shape, size, style, color and the like without spending thousands of dollars! 

Auctions are the golden opportunity to bag higher-end rugs at a much lesser price than you would have thought. However, you only get one chance to either take or leave it because there is nothing like ‘borrowing’ the piece for a trial. So, if you are someone who is not sure about the selection, below are some key points to check beforehand:

  • Measure the size of the empty floor to know the right dimensions and find a cheap rug
  • Take a picture of the blank space and surrounding furniture to visualize better what would work best. 
  • Do not forget to take colour samples because sometimes, shades may vary.
  • Natural light dramatically impacts how your cheap modern rugs would look.
  • Search with your budget. Ask the dealer to provide options accordingly.
  • We are getting affordable rugs to require a thorough inspection. Search for defects or faults to avoid issues in exchanging or replacing them afterward. 
  • Go for polypropylene or polyester fabric instead of natural ones to save a fortune but do not expect to get the same quality because these fabrics cannot even meet Acrylic’s experience. 

Inexpensive Knock-Off

While searching for the ‘real thing,’ you do not have to get away with your desire to find something functional and up to the mark. It is just about finding alternatives. Instead of natural rugs, synthetic materials are available in multiple patterns and styles. The best part is they make sure to give satisfaction within their capacity.

Online Shopping

Many online websites (in the form of warehouses and discount stores) offer inexpensive area rugs with tuners. You have to make immediate decisions before someone walks out with them. However, it would help if you found a solution for color flexibility because you cannot always get an idea of the right color. 

Shop Area Rugs Online In Australia

At Carpetrend, we make sure to show images closer to our products. Our photographers and designers have been trained to sustain the real color quality and shades without compromising on the quality of images. 

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

With so many patterns and textures, wall-to-wall carpeting is a dependable piece to find the desired look. All it needs is cutting a piece from the carpeting as per the required size. Some stores deal in carpet remnants. 

Wait for Season End Sales

We always reward our customers with some amazing season-end sales where they can find affordable rugs with unique patterns. The best part is you do not have to struggle with cleaning and maintaining their looks. Our products are made with easy-to-care materials. 

Pattern style Buying Large Cheap Rug in Australia

Make a Custom Patchwork Rug

You can visit different rug stores and get round samples to place in a blank space. Apply a double-sided tape to attach it to the floor and start with your creativity. In the end, you will have a cheerful, vibrant, and bright rug to bring you compliments. 

Hacks to Help You Get Through It!

Let’s explore some important steps that you can take toward finding a cheap floor rug. Be sure to apply at least 2 of them and you will be amazed to see the results:

  1. Layer to Go Luxe

Since you cannot afford big outdoor rugs, our experts recommend going for a smaller version to cut down a fraction of the price. Ideally, you can get a natural or oversized jute rug for ample floor space to give a more refined and cozy look. 


  1. Experiment with a Tufted Piece

Hand-woven rugs tied with one knot on a loom seem pretty labor-intensive and time-consuming to make, which is why their higher prices are justified. You may get cheap tufted modern rugs that are handcrafted but made with a tufting gun to get the same feel and look. 

  1. Choose Synthetic

No doubt, natural products look luxurious but are quite expensive at the same time. They are not suitable for people who are on a budget. Therefore, cheap rug manufacturers have introduced many alternatives, namely, Acrylic, polyester, polypropylene and wool, that look sleek and trendy without getting heavy on the pocket. 

  1. DIY/Creative Stair Runners

When placing stair runners, you may opt to showcase your creativity to give that custom and refined look. Though, you might face a hard time finding the right fabric for the purpose because some may not be in your required size or may not go well with the overall appearance. So, you have to think smartly and try to make the most of every piece that comes out as a waste during the project. 

Wrapping Up

There is much more to the selection of a cheap rug in Australia. All you need to do is to make up your mind about how to utilize the empty floor space. Most importantly, you have to get cheap outdoor rugs from a trusted platform, like Carpetrend, that can complement the entire room theme, furniture, paint, etc.

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