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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Persian Rugs?2023-01-08T20:25:04+03:30

Persian carpets come from Iran, and they are made by weaving. They are used in homes, to sell, and to export. It is the place of origin of Persian rugs that allows you to identify them from any other Oriental rugs. The Persian rug was produced in what is now modern-day Iran.

What Is Special About Persian Rugs?2023-01-08T20:26:00+03:30

Persian rugs are highly regarded for the rich colours they boast and the interesting designs they have due to the fact that they are handcrafted with wool, silk, and vegetable dyes, making them incredibly durable.

It should be noted that genuine Persian carpets are made of the finest materials, including Kurk wool and Silk. In addition to the mastery required to make Persian rugs, the second factor contributing to Persian rug value is the process of learning how to knot them. It can take years and maybe decades to learn how to weave a Persian rug and create one.

How Much Are Persian Rugs Worth?2023-01-08T20:26:31+03:30

Depending on the size, material, and type of pattern you choose, Prices can increase based on factors such as age or rarity. For example, you will pay a higher price for an antique than a contemporary rug.

How Long Do Persian Rugs Last?2023-01-08T20:27:10+03:30

There is no doubt that a Persian rug can last for more than a hundred years. The main reason for this is the type of materials that are used.

How Are Persian and Oriental Rugs Different? How Do Persian and Oriental Rugs Compare?2023-01-10T10:57:40+03:30

The Persian rug is a term that refers to an art form originating from Iran, while some oriental rug styles come from regions near Persia. Oriental rugs come from a wide variety of countries around the globe. They include Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Tibet, Afghanistan, and Turkey. However, Persian rugs are manufactured in what is now called modern-day Iran.

It is a fact that a genuine Oriental or Persian carpet does not have fringes that have been sewn on. These fringes are an integral part of the rug as they represent the ends of the warp yarns. If you should observe on the back that the fringes have been sewn on, there is a good chance it is not a genuine oriental rug.

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