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Are you a manufacturer?2022-10-06T17:09:21+03:30

Yes, We are an Australian company. We filtered the best Carpet & Rug manufacturers of traditional and modern rug producers and made a Joint Venture with them to have the best Rugs and give our customers the best services in terms of Price, Shipping, variety, and support.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?2022-10-06T17:10:09+03:30

Free shipping on all orders. you don’t need to pay for shipping.

Which type of rugs do you suggest?2022-10-06T17:10:33+03:30

If we need to say it shortly, the pile yarn is the most important issue of touch, Surface, Brilliance; If you concentrate on the life of carpet choose Acrylic or Wool because of elasticity and resistance, the Acrylic carpet can be alive for more than 10 years But if you need to pay a little or change your rug annually, P.P heatset or Polyester can be a right suggestion

What are the common rug sizes?2022-10-06T17:11:00+03:30

1×1.5, 1.5×2.25, 2×3, 2.5×3.5, 3×4 (meter) , are most requested size specially in traditional designs also Runner sizes are 80cm and 100 cm by 2,3,4 and 5 meters.

What is the shipping method, and how long does it take?2022-10-06T17:11:24+03:30

We have contracts with many couriers; conventional couriers are supporting all around Australia. Your rug will ship from our warehouse within 48 hours, and Delivery takes 6-10 working days except for special holidays like Christmas.

Do You Ship Internationally?2022-10-06T17:11:48+03:30

At the moment, we are shipping rugs in Australia, Our central location is Perth, and we send directly to other cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide …

Payment Information

Is the Prices GST included?2022-10-24T18:16:30+03:30

Yes, The Prices are included GST

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?2022-10-06T17:12:56+03:30

Various payment methods are available like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. also, we added PayPal to make it easier for our customers

Orders & Returns

How Can I Return a Product?2022-10-06T17:13:30+03:30

It’s possible; please check Warranty & Returns

Do I need an account to place an order?2022-10-24T18:21:32+03:30

No, Your account will be created automatically during the shopping procedure.

How should I contact if I have any queries?2022-10-06T17:14:49+03:30

You can fill out an online form in Contact Us or call +61 401 930 529 during our working time or send an Email to [email protected]


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