Rugs add coziness to any space. Since it covers the floor, it can impact the room’s decoration. Area rugs are popular in bedrooms because they add warmth and make you sleep better. It would be better if the rug went with the interior design of the bedroom. Therefore, apart from the style, colour, and pattern, the rug placement is also of particular importance. In this post, we mentioned some rules and considerations for more practical use of rugs in the bedroom.

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Placing A Rug In Bedroom Ideas

The first thing to consider while buying bedroom rugs is that the bed should always be the focal point in the bedroom. Therefore, the size of the rug will be the first rule to follow. Generally, there are three things to consider while choosing an area rug for the bedroom:

  • Size of the room
  • Size of the bed
  • Layout of the room

Having these considerations in mind, here are some bedroom rug placement ideas: Having these considerations in mind, here are some bedroom rug placement ideas:

Under The Bed

One of the most common ways to place rugs in a bedroom is by putting them under the bed. Although it seems easy, it is still tricky. You should follow some rules:

  • A rectangular rug is recommended for the bedroom because it fills the flooring and makes it easier to decorate the room.
  • Measure the width of the bed if you want to place the bedroom rug under the bed because the rug should be larger so that you put your feet on it as you get out of bed.
  • On the other hand, it should not be as large as filling the whole room. There should be a space between the edge of the rug and the wall. Interior designers believe it should be at least 10″ to 20″.
  • Consider the bed to cover at least 2/3 of the rug. It would be more eye-catching if the rug were visible, almost 15″ from the sides of the bed.
  • If you want to put a round rug under the bed, it should be placed under one of its legs and be visible from one side.

Figure 2- Guide to putting rugs under the bed

You can find a wide range of square rugs on Carpetrend.

Next to the Bed

Larger bedroom can benefit from having a rug next to the bed. This will save you from buying a large rug hidden under the bed for two-thirds of its length. For a smaller bedroom, you can go with runners too. This time, the size of the bed length will be necessary because you place the rug on the side of the bed, and you should keep the room balance. Therefore, every object should be in the proper size. It is the most popular way of rug placement in bedroom with a bed in the corner.

Figure of boho bedroom rug beside the bed

At The End Of The Bed

This idea of placing bedroom rugs might look much better in a small room with a king sized bed, where there is no space on the sides of the bed to show anything. Thus, you can buy a medium sized rug and place it at the foot of the bed. If you have this condition in your bedroom, keep the length of the rug equal to or a bit larger than the width of the bed. Therefore, it will better cover the space. You can also use this method for placing a rug in the bedroom with carpet. This way, you feel coziness underfoot with the carpet and use the rug to add beauty to the room decoration.

Placing a rug at the end of the bed


Guide To Choosing Rugs In Bedroom

What to consider while buying an area rug for the bedroom?

Rug Size

As mentioned, the first thing to consider is the size of the bedroom and the bed.

  • If you want the rug to cover the whole floor, buy a rug that is at least 8” smaller than the room so that there will be space between the wall and the edge of the rug.
  • If you want to put the rug under the bed, measure the bed. Typically, a 10 x 12 (foot) rug will be a good size for rug placement under a king-sized bed.
  • Keep the balance of the room. Do not choose rugs that are too small for a large bedroom. Rug placement in a small bedroom is the same, but it should not be too large this time.
  • In a room with hardwood floors, the peek of the finish can add to the beauty. Therefore, it will be more modern to let hardwood show itself. Do not cover it up with a large rug. Instead, place the rug under the bed to maintain a warm sleeping environment.

 It will look much better if you let the hardwood shows itself

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Rug Material

The rug material can impact the temperature and coziness of the bedroom. However, depending on the rug placement, you can select different materials.

  • Wool rugs are soft and cozy. People feel satisfied with putting their feet on this fluffy and soft rug. Therefore, this type of rug is better suited for the bedside. It is also mostly considered a great idea as a bed-against-wall rug placement.
  • If you want to buy a large rug for the bedroom and put it under the bed, choosing a low-pile rug or flat weaves would be more affordable.

The higher the piles of a rug is, the warmer the room will get

Rug Style And Colour

The colour and pattern of the rug are the other essential thing to assume.

  • For kids’ bedroom rugs, a colourful rug will be more practical. It will add joy and happiness to their room and make them feel more confident.
  • If you do not want your area rug to be the centre of attention in your bedroom, choose a neutral colour so that the rug lets other objects shine more.

Choose the rug colour based on the main shades of the room

Bottom Line

Adding a new rug to the bedroom will be one of the most impressive renovation ideas. Rugs can add beauty, coziness, and warmth to the bedroom. An area rug can make you feel more comfortable underfoot when walking around the room. Depending on the size of the room and bed, find the perfect bedroom rugs on Carpetrend.


How to position an area rug under the bed?

If it is rectangular, you should find a rug larger than the bed’s width so the bed can cover 2/3 of it. For a round rug, it will be better to put it under one of the legs of the bed. You will not need to buy a large round rug; a medium size will work as a corner bed rug placement.

Should bedroom rugs go under nightstands?

There is no exact rule for that. However, it would look nicer if the rug stayed under the furnishing and nightstands, especially in larger rooms.

How to size a rug for the bedroom?

Take the measurements of the bed and the size of the room. Then, consider the functionality of the rug in the bedroom. Will you put it under the bed, or do you have free space to place it on the bedside? For example, a rug under the bed would be bigger than one on its side.

What rug is best for the bedroom?

The natural and high-pile rugs are better for the bedroom, especially the kids’ room. They are durable and can add more comfort and security to the room. Nylon and polyester materials are the best choices for allergy sufferers since they prevent allergic reactions.

How to style rugs in the bedroom?

To add anything to the bedroom, consider the room decoration first. Then, consider the primary colour used in the room. These two options will help you better understand which rug style is more pleasing for your bedroom. Furthermore, some people would like to consider the feng shui of bedroom rug placement to add a more positive feeling to this special room in their house.

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