Persian rugs are timeless pieces of art. They are a thoughtful choice for finishing Australian home decorating. Since they are ageless, buying Persian rugs is more of an investment than an expenditure.

When you think about carpets, you generally visualize ornate, intricately patterned, multicoloured Persian rugs. Infuse any place with a sense of status, tradition, culture, and elegance. Therefore, if you consider purchasing Persian carpets for your home or business, you will add a touch of sophistication to your interior design. However, because many sources and businesses are selling Persian carpets in Australia, it may appear challenging to understand the sophistication of getting an authentic Persian rug.

Here is the information that will help you when buying a Persian rug.

What to Look For When Buying a Persian Rug

If you wonder how to find best tips for buying Persian Rugs, here are the tips that will help you become a discerning Persian rug buyer:

1. A Persian Rug’s Reverse Side has a Story.

If you are considering purchasing a vintage Persian rug for your home, examine its backside first. Due to their originality, craftsmanship, and excellent materials that have endured the test of time, vintage rugs have value and worth. The back of a well-maintained, high-quality, antique Persian rug should have a few repairs and patches. Modifications or fixes of a minor kind are permissible, but massive patches are unacceptable.

buying a Persian rug

how to buy a persian rug – Tips For Buying Persian Rugs

2. The Rug’s Top Surface Should Be Evaluated

There are both new and antique Persian rugs for sale on the market. It is possible to pass off new (less than a few years old) Persian carpets as antiques. Therefore, inspecting the rug’s front surface for evidence of uneven wear is essential. When the entire field of an antique Persian rug has been uniformly worn without noticeable patches, the rug is a good investment.

3. Check for Patina When Buying Persian Rugs

Old Persian rugs will have a layer of natural gloss on the top surface. Like antiques, Persian rugs develop a patina over time because of their fatty fibres and use. Occasionally, there is also a silky smooth appearance. The patina gives the old an authentic look and feel.

4. Check The Ends of The Rug

The ends and corners of Persian rugs are the first to show signs of wear. When a rug’s fringe unravels, it is typically easy to mend. However, if the ends of the vintage Persian carpets you intend to purchase have been neglected, and the edges have unravelled, some sellers will reference the entire rug. This is known as cutting back the carpet, and it compromises authenticity. And we advise you to avoid such things.

5. Check Natural Colour Fading

The artistry and colouring of ancient Persian rugs must be examined for natural colour aging. Since most custom-made carpets, particularly Persian rugs, are coloured with natural organic dyes, they age differently; the colour remains intact but appears subdued rather than faded.

Persian Rugs Fold Easily

Persian Rugs Fold Easily

6. Check its Authenticity by Bending the Persian Rug

By bending the rug, you may verify the authenticity of the original Persian rug. An authentic Persian rug will fold and bend softly without noise or fibre loss. Although Persian rugs become more valuable as they age, too-aged Persian rugs may have no value since they cannot be used. So, when buying a Persian rug, be careful not to buy an inept one instead of an antique one.

7. Check If the Rug Is Flat

When carpets are damaged by water or improperly washed, the woollen fibres become undulated. These ripples prevent the rug from sitting flat on the surface and should be avoided.

8. Check the Rug’s Colours

The colours utilized in vintage rugs make them highly appealing. Natural dyes are frequently used, making vintage rugs attractive and one-of-a-kind. They age nicely, and this process cannot be replicated in new rugs. The colours should be of high quality throughout the rug. They should be avoided if there are noticeable fading patches in the rug.

Check the Back of a Persian Rug

Check the Back of a handmade Persian Rugs

9. Listen to the Rug

Fold and then bend the rug. A crackling sound indicates that the foundation (warp and weft) is damaged. Perhaps the rug has previously suffered from water damage. This is not a promising sign!

10. Make Sure the Rug Has Aged Naturally

There are numerous methods by which some international rug traders age rugs. Occasionally, strong chemicals are applied to the rug’s pile to dull its colour. If you are buying an antique Persian rug you must pay attention to this. If the pile is separated and the rug’s roots are very dark, then the rug has been chemically treated. These rugs are worthless and ought to be avoided.

what makes a silk Persian rug price expensive

what makes a silk Persian rug price expensive


Rugs are the artistries that bring excitement to your place. Persian rugs are commonly the most favourable among all types of rugs due to their outstanding beauty, standard sizes, and variety in colour and design. This article mentioned tips that assist you in buying Persian rugs like a discerning buyer. You can buy affordable Persian rugs online in Australia at Carpetrend, and they will ship them anywhere you want in Australia.

Where to Buy Persian Rugs?

When you are out of Iran, buying Persian rugs can be challenging. Many dealers claim to be the best, but finding a reliable one requires research. Dealers with a good reputation typically have high customer satisfaction rates. You can read online reviews about most of them on the internet.

Are All Types of Persian Rugs Expensive?

Typically, Persian rugs are imagined as hand-knitted, ornate, and notably expensive carpets. However, nowadays, machine-knitted Persian rugs have the same ornate, value, warmth, and exquisite beauty but cost less than hand-knitted ones.

Where to Buy Cheap Persian Rugs?

If you live in Australia, you can refer to Carpetrend, with a remarkable collection of Persian rugs of all types and sizes. Carpetrend provides a comprehensive selection of machine-knitted Persian rugs with the same aesthetic and value as the hand-knitted ones but at a lower cost.

Where to Buy Persian Rugs Online?

Suppose you aim to buy Persian rugs online in Australia. In that case, you can refer to Carpetrend’s online store and choose from the comprehensive collection of affordable, beautiful rugs and have them delivered to your door all over Australia.

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