For most people, a room is not complete without an appealing and colorful rug. While buying rugs, you will face different names. One name that is mostly heard is Oriental Rugs. You may wonder what an Oriental Rug is and what makes it unique. To help you decide whether this type of rug is worth buying, we have gathered all the information you need to know about this rug.

What Are Oriental Rugs?

As their names indicate, Oriental Rugs are referred to any rug produced in Asian countries such as Iran, China, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, and Tibet. They are somehow considered traditional hand-knotted rugs. Generally, the uniqueness of this type of rug is that all of them are woven by hand using a loom. Generally, hand-woven rugs are more valuable than machine-made rugs. Although it may take longer for a rug to be woven by hand, the details and durability of a hand-woven rug are more than machine-made, which is why they are more expensive.

Oriental Rugs normally contain symbols that reflect the culture of the country they are made in. That is what makes Oriental Rugs different from each other. Some may have floral patterns; others might be designed with geometric shapes or even animal figures. These are the visual characteristics of Asian Rugs that reveal each rug belongs to which country. For example, Chinese rugs mostly have symmetric shapes and are made in blue colour. Persian Rugs often have floral shapes; you can never find animal shapes in a Persian Rug. These visual characteristics are like a signature for each rug.

The materials used in Asian carpets are natural materials such as wool, silk, or even bamboo. That is another reason why these traditional rugs are considered precious and high-priced.

buying Oriental rugs - The blue colour is mainly used in Chinese Rugs.
The blue colour is mainly used in Chinese Rugs.

The History of Oriental Rugs

The true history of rug production is unknown. Some pieces of evidence show that rugs were in-use from the 2nd millennium BC, during the kingdom of Mari. Although no one knows how rugs were produced in those days, only writing on clay tablets shows that some floor covering, like rugs, was used in those centuries. However, the oldest surviving carpet is a piece of Persian Rug that belonged to almost 2400 years ago. Consequently, it is considered that Iranian people were among the first people who weaved rugs and used them in their homes. However, China, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are also countries with a long history of rug production.

What Are the Differences Between Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs?

Persian Rugs fall under the category of Oriental Rugs. This type of rug is woven in Iran and somehow is more well-known and popular than other types of Oriental Rugs. They are sometimes placed in their category.

Persian traditional carpets have their specific pattern and weaving technique, making them different from other Oriental Rugs. They are mostly called after the name of the city, tribe, or region that creates them. The name of a Persian Rug tells a lot about its history. For example, the carpets of Isfahan are among the best Iranian carpets produced with silk. Another well-known Persian Rug belongs to Baluchistan. Baluchi Oriental Rugs are mainly red and contain geometric designs. They are very artistic and considered classic. Hand-woven rugs made in Iran are among the most valuable rugs in the world, carrying the highest price.

buy oriental rugs in Australia
The Baluchi Carpet is one of the most popular Persian Rugs

How to Care and Maintain Oriental Rugs?

  • Keep the rugs away from direct sunlight. Even high-quality rugs may fade under the sun. It is unavoidable. The sun’s rays are the enemy of a rug’s colour and fibres. It not only makes them look faded but also may cause the fibres to become brittle and damaged. Therefore, always protect the rugs from direct sunlight.
  • Clean the rugs regularly. Vacuum clean the Asian carpets at least once a week. However, cleaning it as soon as you see any spill on it is recommended to avoid staining the carpet. Do not use harsh and chemical detergents to wash carpets. It is better to send the handmade rugs to the carpet cleaner every once in a while to be professionally washed with healthy materials.
  • Rotate the rugs periodically. Oriental Rugs are durable and will not wear and tear easily. But foot traffic may affect the texture of a rug. Thus, turning or rotating the rugs from time to time is better to prevent a high level of foot traffic only on one side. If you do not do this, in the long term, you may see one part of the rug looks uneven from the other part.  

How to Decorate a Room with Oriental Rugs?

You may think that Asian Rugs are traditional and can only be used in classical and traditional decorations.. But you can create modern decorating with Oriental rugs. You only need to choose the main colour of your decoration, then choosing an Asian Rug will be easier for you. Then decide what shape you like. Do you prefer geometric shapes or floral ones? Generally, geometrics might be a better consideration for modern decoration. However, it all depends on your decorating taste. Sometimes a red Baluchi carpet can do a great job in your decoration. The other decoration might be complete with a blue Chinese rug. You can do a lot with Oriental Rugs in your home decoration.

It is easy to use Oriental Rugs in any decoration.
It is easy to use Oriental Rugs in any decoration.

What Is the Price of Oriental Rugs?

We mentioned that the price of Oriental Rugs is higher than machine-made rugs. But how much higher? Some factors can impact the price of a rug. The Oriental Rug price depends on its origin, the country it is made, the materials used, the dyes, and its size. Generally, higher quality materials will lead to a higher price for a rug.

Bottom Line

If you want to select a rug for your home, Oriental Rugs will be your best choice. They have different shapes and colours, are high quality, and can easily combine with any decoration. If you are searching for an Oriental Rug shop in Australia, you are in the right place. We are here to help you find the most beautiful rug for your home in Australia. Buy Persian rugs online on Carpetrend.

Can you put an oriental rug in the washing machine?

Although most rugs are machine washable, washing a hand-knotted rug in a washing machine is not recommended. The delicate fabric of the rugs, such as wool or silk, may be damaged by crumpling in the washing machine and using enzyme detergents.

How long do oriental rugs last?

Oriental Rugs are very durable because of how they are knotted and the materials used to weave them. In the case of protecting them and keeping them clean, they will last decades. Traditional rugs are known as rugs that may go from one generation to another. The more age they have, the more valuable they will get.

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